Aging Whiskey At Home: What's Included In The Kit?

Aging whiskey at home

If you've ever dreamed of crafting your own whiskey at home, a whiskey aging kit is the perfect starting point. These kits, also known as whiskey-making kits, come equipped with everything you need to age and flavor your spirits like a seasoned distiller. In this guide, we'll examine what's included in a typical whiskey aging kit and how you can begin your own whiskey-making journey. Whether you're a whiskey connoisseur or a curious novice, this is a great introduction to creating your very own aged spirits.

The All-Inclusive Whiskey Aging Kit

When you purchase a whiskey aging kit, you don’t just get a barrel. These kits are designed to provide you with a complete experience. They make it easy for you to achieve the perfect whiskey flavor without the need for an extensive distillery setup.

Custom Charred Oak Aging Barrel

The centerpiece of any whiskey aging kit is, of course, the aging barrel. These barrels are made from high-quality Amercian Oak and are carefully charred on the inside for that distinct whiskey flavor. The size of the barrel can vary, with options ranging from 1 to 5 liters. This lets you produce different quantities of whiskey.

Bung and Spigot

The bung and spigot are important items for sealing and dispensing your whiskey. The bung securely seals the barrel, while the spigot allows you to pour your aged whiskey with ease. These pieces are critical for maintaining the integrity of your aging process. They help guarantee that your whiskey doesn't lose its incredible flavor.

Aging Stand

To make the aging process more manageable and efficient, whiskey aging kits include an aging stand. This stand helps you position your barrel securely, allowing the whiskey to age evenly and consistently.

Whiskey Hooch Essence Flavor

Whiskey-making kits include a whiskey essence or flavoring. The whiskey hooch essence flavor, as included in Blind Pig Drinking Co.'s kits, provides that authentic whiskey taste. This essence is what changes the taste of a neutral spirit (e.g., plain vodka or unflavored moonshine)  into whiskey within a matter of weeks. Traditional aging methods typically take years to complete. Upon completion, the flavor will taste very similar to the big brands.

Barrel Cleaning Kit 

Properly maintaining your oak aging barrel is important for preserving the quality of your whiskey. Our  barrel cleaning kits that includes all the tools you’ll need to keep your barrel in top condition. These can be purchased separately as well for your in-betweenin between batches.

Funnels, Storing Tablets, and Instruction Card  

Funnels are included to assist in the transfer of your spirits and essence into the barrel. Storing tablets are provided for maintainingto store your barrel between uses. Never allow your barrel to dry out. It may not seal again! Once wet, always wet!

Don't worry if you're new to whiskey making – the kit will include detailed instructions to guide you through the whole process. This step-by-step guide helps you get the best results from your aging kit.

Crafting Your Own Whiskey 

The beauty of whiskey aging kits is that they allow you to create your own whiskey at home, tailored to your preferences. With the included whiskey essence flavor, you can experiment with various flavors and aging durations until you find the perfect combination that suits your taste.

To start crafting whiskey at home, begin with a neutral spirit like plain vodka or unflavored moonshine (alcohol not included). Add the whiskey hooch essence flavoring from the hooch kit, and let the magic happen. In just a matter of weeks, rather than years, you'll savor the delightful taste of your very own whiskey.

Purchase Your Personal Whiskey Making Kits from Blind Pig Drinking Co. 

Whiskey aging kits, also known as whiskey-making kits, offer an all-inclusive solution for those who want to explore the world of home whiskey production. With a custom-charred oak aging barrel, essential accessories, and detailed instructions, you have everything you need to get started. If you're ready to start your whiskey-making 

journey, purchase your very own whiskey aging kit from Blind Pig Drinking Co. and enjoy the satisfaction of crafting your own whiskey at home. 

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