Smoked Bloody Mary

Everyone loves a great Bloody Mary, but imagine that same Bloody Mary smoked!  This twist to your traditional Bloody Mary will surely please you and your guests by introducing some smoke into your drink.  For this super easy recipe, all you need are a few items; a chilled glass with ice, a cocktail smoker like the Hogtender Smoker, a simple pinch of hickory or oak chips, and a handheld culinary butane torch.
Here's how to do it:
1. Grab your favorite chilled Bloody Mary glasses for you and a guest and fill with ice.
2. Place the Hogtender Smoker on top and smoke with our supplied oak or hickory chips and a butane torch.
3. Keep the glasses covered with the smoke for a good minute while you make your Bloody Mary's.  You can use non-chilled glasses, but we've noticed the smoke adheres best with a chilled glass.
4. Remove the Hogtender Smoker top and the smoker from the glasses.
5. Immediately pour your Bloody Mary mix in the smoked glasses.
6. Garnish with celery, beef stick, cheese stick, or whatever you desire. There is no right or wrong way for the garnishes.  Let your creativity run wild!
7. Enjoy!

Don't have a cocktail smoker, not problem.  Here is a kit for your smoked drinks that is made with a few different woods to choose from.  This cocktail smoker is made in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.