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Aromatic Cocktail Smoker Chips

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    Aromatic cocktail smoker chips from Blind Pig Drinking Co. are specially selected to give your cocktails a rich aromatic flavor that will create a memorable experience for you. For many years, Blind Pig Drinking Co. has worked hard to give smoked old-fashioned cocktail enthusiasts an authentic experience that they can enjoy from the comfort of their homes.

    About Our Aromatic Cocktail Smoker Chips

    Indulge in the diverse selection of Aromatic Cocktail Smoker Chips at Blind Pig Drinking Co., offering a range that caters to every palate. Our assortment includes a variety of options, each promising all-natural wood chip aromas that captivate both home and professional bartenders alike. Take, for instance, our Cherry Aromatic Smoker Chips, infusing your cocktail with a luscious fruity essence and a velvety texture.

    For those inclined towards a robust, woody profile, our all-natural Hickory Aromatic Smoker Chips are an ideal choice, delivering a deep flavor that...

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