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    Crafting your own brandy at home has never been more straightforward and satisfying. With our Brandy Making Kit, you bypass traditional steps and start with a base of neutral spirit—like plain vodka or unflavored moonshine. The essence of the transformation lies in our California Brandy Hooch Essence Flavoring. It’s a unique component designed to infuse your spirit with complex and delightful flavors reminiscent of traditional brandy, without the need for lengthy fermentation or distillation processes.

    Our exclusive release, the California Brandy essence, is inspired by the renowned Korbel California brandy. It has been a staple of Sonoma County's artisan distillery since 1889. This new essence is crafted to emulate the award-winning brandy known for its rich butterscotch aroma, golden amber color, and extra smooth taste. Korbel's legacy, particularly its acclaim in Wisconsin where brandy is a celebrated tradition, displays the development...

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