• I have a Hogtender Smoker!  Now what?
    That is FANTASTIC!  You and your guests are going to have so much fun!  To get started, in the footer there is a menu item titled "Get Started With Your Hogtender".  Click on that link for Tips & Tricks on the Hogtender Smoker and instructions on the butane torch if you bought one.  For your convenience, click this link to get to that page too! 
  • Do I have to use a torch to light the chips?
    Yes. A standard long-reach lighter will not be powerful enough to light and push the smoke out of the chamber holes. A butane torch, like the ones we sell, will burn the chips in mere seconds and by force, push the flavorful smoke through the chamber holes and into your glass.  If your butane torch is not as powerful as the one we offer, it may take a little while longer for the smoke to fill your glass.
  • How much chips should I put in the chambers?
    All you need is a little pinch. That amount will be more than sufficient to fill up your glass with delicious smoky goodness.
  • How many times can I use my Hogtender Smoker?
    The two chambers (snoutstacks) and the snout are made of 304 stainless steel, which is non-corrosive, food-grade, non-toxic, and able to withstand temperatures of well over 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. They will last virtually a lifetime. No need to replace your Hogtender Smoker after 500 uses like other cocktail smokers out there.  Just be careful after use, and the black snout will be very hot.  Simply grab your Hogtender by the wooden sides.
  • How do you ship the Hogtender Smoker and related items?
    All orders typically ship UPS Ground or USPS Ground Advantage in a brown box.  The inside may contain a packing slip, but will have no pricing on it. If this is a gift and you have special requests, simply make a comment in the notes section during checkout.  If you forget to do that, simply Contact Us with the order number and we will be happy to accommodate your request.