Getting Started: Cocktail Smokers

Tips and Tricks

Smoking the Glass
  • The colder the glass when smoked the longer and better the smoke adheres to the sides.  This will cause the flavor to go in the drink more and with each sip you will breath in some fantastic smoky goodness!
  • The higher the liquid is in the glass, the less overall smoky taste you will get because the smoke cannot penetrate below the liquid line. 
  • It is normal for some smoke leakage between the Hogtender Smoker that the top of the glass.  This comes from rim of the glass not being perfectly level.
  • Everyone is different on how much of a smoky flavor they want in their drink.  A lot comes with trial and error and the type of chips.  For example, apple and cherry will have a milder smelling smoke and will need to stay in the glass longer.  Texas Mesquite, however, is a more intense and you would not want to have it on as long as you would the apple and cherry.  But it still comes down to personal preference.
  • The black snout and smoke chambers will be extremely hot so it is a good idea to not grab that after use.  Simply handle the Hogtender by the wooden sides.

Smoke Two Drinks at a Time
  1. Fill your chambers with the desired chips.  You can use different chips in each chamber.
  2. Once the first glass is smoked, immediately take off the Hogtender™ Smoker and replace with the top piece with the Hogtender™ Smoker logo on it.  Replace quickly so you don't lose that much smoke from the glass.
  3. Place the Hogtender™ Smoker onto the second glass and smoke it with the other chamber.  Leave the smoker on the second glass.
  4. Depending on the chips used and personal preference, a good guide is leave them covered for about a minute.
  5. Once you reach your desired smoke flavor in your drinks, remove the top piece and the smoker piece (smoking snout section).
  6. Enjoy! 

About the Butane Fuel

If you have ordered a kit with a torch, then you will not need to purchase butane fuel separately as it will be included with your kit!  You can enjoy smoking cocktails immediately (as long as you do not live in CA)!

How to Use Your Butane Torch

Product Detail
How to fill the torch lighter

Gas Filling

  1. Use only high quality butane fuel.  The ones listed above are some good inexpensive options.
  2. Never fill in the presence of an open flame or sparks.
  3. Never fill a lit or hot torch.
  4. Before filling gas, use a ball point pen or small screwdriver to drain any remaining butane fuel from the lighter by depressing the filling valve.  The torches we send are all empty of butane fuel.
  5. Shake gas cylinder a couple of times.
  6. Hold torch upside down and insert nozzle into the gas filling valve. See image below.
  7. Push the tip of the fuel can into the filling valve. It will take around 10 seconds for the tank to be completely full.
  8. Once full, let the torch rest for a few minutes before lighting.
Steps to use

Operating Instructions

  1. To ignite the torch, first press and hold the ignition button.  Once you release the flame will extinguish.
  2. To use the safety lock, press and hold the ignition button.  While flame is burning, push down on the safety lock the release the ignition button, the flame will keep burning.
  3. Adjust the flame as needed with the Gas Flow Regulator.
  4. The torch head is adjustable (rotatable) for multiple use.

For safety, keep the lock on the down positin when not in use.