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    Make your own liquor in the comfort of your home with Outlaw Kits™ from Blind Pig Drinking Co. We have all the tools and equipment you need to transform inexpensive spirits into top-shelf flavors in no time. The advantage of barrel aging enhances spirits 10x faster due to the increased surface-to-volume ratio. This means you will have great-tasting spirits in just weeks, not years! You can enjoy up to 70% in savings when you make spirits at home. Whether you prefer a single malt whiskey or golden tequila, we have a wide selection for you to choose from. We offer whiskey, bourbon, malt, rum, brandy, cognac, and tequila kits that are super easy to use.

    These barrel aging kits are handcrafted and compact, ranging in sizes from 1-20 liters to accommodate any lifestyle. You can even custom engrave these kits with your family name, business logo, and so...

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