Personalized Hogtender™ Cocktail Smoker Kits

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    For discerning smoked old-fashioned fans who wish to elevate their home drinking experience, there is little out there that matches cocktail smoker kits from Blind Pig Drinking Co. Our products are designed to give you an authentic experience of the famous smoked old-fashioned from the convenience of your home. Our personalized Hogtender cocktail smoker lits are no exception and offer an unparalleled experience of refinement and an unforgettable taste.

    About Our Personalized Hogtender Cocktail Smoker Kits

    Introducing the Hogtender cocktail smoker lits collection – the epitome of professional double-barreled cocktail smokers, designed for a smoky aroma experience so simple, even a Blind Pig can master it. Handcrafted with a choice of American Oak or Walnut, these kits boast upgraded Stainless Steel dual chambers and a snout cap, ensuring durability and a lifetime of use with proper care.

    The food-safe stainless steel chambers and snout cap eliminate concerns of degradation over...

    2 products
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