Zippo Butane Fuel 290ml, 5.82oz

Zippo Butane Fuel 290ml, 5.82oz

Zippo Butane Fuel 290ml, 5.82oz

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Zippo Butane Fuel will keep your butane torch working at its best. A smaller version is included with every cocktail smoker kit that has a torch!  

***California Customers, please see note below***

  • 5.82 ounce (165 grams), 290ml
  • Universal tip fuels all leading butane lighters
  • Will not clog burner valves thus affecting flame height and function
  • This product can also be used to fill most butane candles and butane curling irons
  • Clean butane - near zero impurities
  • Made in USA

PLEASE NOTE: Butane purchases shipping to the state of California are restricted to smaller than 150ml can sizes only and up to 600ml per 30 days.  You can purchase up to eight of the smaller version by clicking this link.  We would LOVE to sell you this 290ml canister, but unfortunately, we're forced to cancel any orders of the 290ml canister being shipped to California.

Zippo Butane


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